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What I’m Thankful for

By BananaCrapshoot

What’s up champions? Year 1 of Marvel Champions is in the books and it’s been a fun and wild ride so far. The Facebook group is over 6.5 thousand members, the discord is healthy and popping and the game has had 12 releases in the past year even among some delays and Covid factors.

As well as The Side Scheme having launched in mid December bringing a podcast of questionable quality every 2-3 weeks and consistent articles, which the volume of articles slowing recently, life happens. The Side Scheme is also in the middle of the 6th season of the Scheme League draft league, we have had wonderful interactions with the community over the last 12 months, and right before thanksgiving it seemed fitting to give you the 5 things I am thankful for with marvel champions.

1. The Design Team

Master Caleb Grace Windu and Michael “The Boggsfather” Boggs have done an excellent job handling this property. Their designs are interesting and unique and they really have hit the theme of each of the heroes. We got a great variety of heroes and scenarios to play and I am thankful for them and everyone at FFGs effort to bring us all this great game we love.

2. The Scheme League

The Scheme League was Tommy’s brain child for expanding local meet ups, and when Covid lockdowns happened we pivoted into an online draft league. We run it through our small but great discord and have had 6 very successful fun seasons. I am super thankful for being a part of this especially during scenario drought, it really helped keep the game fresh and exciting for me, and I’m sure others involved.

3. The Release Model

This is my first FFG LCG but what I know from talking to other people about those release models I’m super thankful marvel champions has its own model. Each pack is its own self contained thing! Each hero pack comes fully playable out of the pack. And each scenario is fully playable, minus needing the standard and expert sets. And the campaign box, what can I say, crazy value, 2 heroes and 5 scenarios out of one box is insane. Especially when compared to the other models of here’s a deluxe box and you have to keep buying supplemental packs to play the whole cycle! That sounds like a much less user friendly release model. So I am thankful they switched it up and made marvel champions more easily accessible and streamlined.

4. The Design of the game

I was coming off a competitive card game when I jumped into marvel champions. I have a growing family (3 kids ages 1-5) and couldn’t commit the time to grinding a competitive game. So the casual nature of marvel champions was instantly appealing to me, on top of being marvel, my favorite fandom, and co-op. All of those things grabbed me. I am thankful that this game came out based on my current spot in my life and love I can play this game solo, or with friends/family. Also the modular nature of the scenarios is brilliant and I am thankful die the versatility and replay ability of the scenarios due to the modular sets and heroic allowing me to make the game as challenging as I want.

5. You

Seriously, you guys are great. I am thankful for you all. Everyone that has clicked on an article or attempted to listen to a podcast. I appreciate you all. I’ve had mainly positive interactions with the community, and even though we may disagree on things, this s a great community to be a part of and I am thankful for each of you making this game what it is.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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