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High Fives: Aggression 2.0

by BananaCrapshoot

Hello Champions and Bots alike, hope you are doing well. I am here yet again with another High Fives list, this time looking at my 5 favorite aggression cards in the game right now.

5. She-Hulk

Aggression really has some solid ally options at this point. I really like she-hulk because you can build a whole deck around maximizing her. My co-host, Tommy of Titan had a 3 player game where she-hulk did over 100 damage in one round! That just shows you the potential if you get her max HP up and have lots of ready effects for her. She’s a power house and that’s why she makes the list.

4. Moment of Triumph

Moment of Triumph is just what aggression needed! Most aggression decks weakness is handling threat, especially in solo play. The best way to keep threat low is to not flip to AE, unless you are playing a hero that encourages flipping. The best way to not have to flip is to keep your health up, moment of triumph is that card! Allowing us to overkill minions and heal some health back, especially for lower HP heroes is very huge and very helpful to aggression players across the globe.

3. Relentless Assault

Relentless Assault has been a staple since the core set and I don’t see that changing. It’s a great card for dealing with minions and the overkill kicker is just a bonus, it also pairs well with moment of triumph. Great card.

2. Mean Swing

Mean swing has been pretty popular since Thor released. Heroes with weapons in their hero kits already like hawkeye, Thor, black panther really like this card because it’s online much earlier than waiting on jarnbjorn for those heroes without weapons. Getting +3 attack is never bad. It did feel bad previously over killing a minion with mean swing but moment of triumph has solved that for me.

1. Brawn

The final card on my list is one of the best allies! Brawn, this guy almost single handedly corrected a glaring aggression issue in solo play which was managing threat. It’s crazy how just removing one threat a turn can make such a difference. He is an auto include in all my aggro decks and I hope we see some more champion synergy here soon.

So that’s it for this High Fives, thanks to Hall of Heroes for high quality scans that I always use. what are your favorite aggression cards? Let me know. Thanks for reading and and stay scheming champions.

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