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The 10 Strongest Decks

by. BananaCrapshoot

Hello champions! I hope everyone is well and we are getting closer and closer to the release of Galaxy’s Most Wanted, and with it comes the next evolution of the game. New villains, new modular sets, new heroes, and more deckbuilding options. Before we get to that point I wanted to look back and highlight what are, in my opinion, the 10 strongest decks with the card pool available to us.

This list features some of the strongest heroes in the game that naturally can roll with any aspect some some heroes and aspects are featured multiple times. The factors I’m using to decide what makes the list and what doesn’t is The overall strength of the deck, and how it fares against some of the hardest villains in expert and heroic difficulties. This is very much a list of top end decks so don’t feel bad if your favorite deck didn’t make the cut! Lots of my favorites didn’t either. Let’s begin.

10. Captain Marvel Justice


This deck was published by Dr00, who is a very solid deckbuilder. This deck really maximizes the damage potential for Energy Channel, filling the deck with as many energy symbols as possible. There’s also some cool tricks with EMH since all the allies are Avengers. Quake is great here since you will be flipping a lot you can get mileage out of her ability. This energy focused justice build has been strong since the core set and I think Dr00 found the sauce to make it crack the top 10.

9. Ant-Man Justice


The decklist is my own and I published it before Scarlet Witch came out but I’m still very happy with the build. Ant-Man is very strong on his own and the reason this justice build is so strong is the damage and thwart potentials. With the law down the law combined with clear the area on top of stealth strikes and Giant stomps you can handle a lot of damage and threat single handedly. It’s solid in both MP and solo.

8. Ms Marvel Aggression


Ms Marvel is super fun to play and aggression is the perfect aspect for her. With lots of attacks she can embiggen she’s the most cost efficient event hero in the game. With cool plays like surprise attacks and drop kick, she can dish the damage. This deck is pure gas and the allies are here to help thwart and to block villain attacks so Kamala can show off her inhuman abilities!

7. Captain America Protection


This deck is stupid. I wanted to get that out of the way. This deck almost makes the game super hero solitaire to be honest. There’s 10 stun cards in the deck. from iron fist, 3 tackles,

3 never back down and 3 heroic strike. Combined with cap’s shield,armored vest, and energy barriers you are almost never taking damage while dealing damage and stunning the villain non stop. This is, for my money, the best protection deck in the game, and it’s dumb.

6. Scarlet Witch Aggression


Scarlet Witch is a complete powerhouse she cycles her deck so fast and does so many cool things she can play anywhere. Aggression is a great fit, but ally focused. The idea is to play big allies and buff them with boot camp then keep them alive with first aid and magic shields. The honorary avengers are in here for she-hulk but can be played elsewhere. The big ally attacks combined with scarlet witch’s event package makes this deck a force capable of ripping the fabric of reality.

5. Scarlet Witch Leadership


The leadership variant is similar to the aggression one but allows for even more card draw and more dynamic allies. Small allies are used foe threat and minions with closers like Giant man and Goliath go ham on the villain. Having access to triskelion and strength in numbers really push the consistency of this deck.

4. Spider- Woman Leadership/Protection


This deck is by my Side Scheme co-host Tommy of Titan and he told me his group has yet to lose when they use this deck. For reference they play expert or heroic against hard scenarios as they love a challenge. This is all about making Captain Marvel ally go super saiyan. She’s the only Avenger ally so call for aid helps you find her super quickly. Then stuff like get ready, inspiring presence, and med teams allow her to get lots of activations and healed up. Playing like this also surprisingly gets you to buff Spider-Woman’s stats nicely for Atk/THW/def. clea is a nice touch too for blocker recursion. Good strong deck.

3. Quicksilver Aggression


What can I say? Quicksilver is awesome, friction resistance is insane and aggression gives friction resistance it’s best combo piece, jarnbjorn. Friction resistance + jarnbjorn might be the best 2 card combo in the game. Using cheap allies with EMH to add to his 4x ABR you have access to lots of hero resets and each time you attack use FR to trigger your magic axe. And you can put the 2 dmg from jarnbjorn wherever you want. It’s a crazy strong combo and the deck is too.

2. Quicksilver Leadership


This deck is crazy. It has serious OTK potential if you get the board set up correctly. Even without this deck still packs a lunch. I went without EMH and went with tenacity instead so I can get Max card draw off Strength in Numbers, combo’d off you can OTK the villain in one turn. Crazy ceiling, even without the ceiling it’s still crazy consistent.

1. Doctor Strange Leadership


I couldn’t go this whole list without including Doctor Strange. Now he is very strong everywhere but is best aspect is leadership. I linked Mag’s decklist. Now I think this list needs updating, like adding Goliath and Giant man but the core is solid. Having a bunch of allies to block allows DS to stay in hero form and cycle/play invocations as much as possible. Get ready on wong to hit winds of watoomb and crimson bands are crazy strong plays.

that’s it for this list. What decks did I over value? which should have been on this list? Let me know your thoughts and as always, stay scheming champions!

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