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Spoiler Alert : MTS

by Tommy of Titan with BananaCrapshoot

Hey guys BananaCrapshoot here, Tommy of Titan wrote a nice brief initial breakdown of our spoiler card but before I get to that I just wanted to give a huge thanks and tip of the cap to the fine folks at Fantasy Flight Games for sharing a card with us to show the community ahead of the release of Mad Titan‘s Shadow. They don’t owe us anything and don’t have to give out community spoilers so we greatly appreciate when they do and again thanks to FFG. So I’m gonna post the card for our spoiler, Blade,then I’ll hand it over to Tommy of Titan.

Tommy of Titan:

Any cheap, basic ally has the potential to see some serious play. Blade is an interesting example because he has a few things going for him but, he also has a few aspects that might make the card difficult to get value from.

First off he cost 1 and is basic and that’s amazing. There is a catch though. Essentially, whenever he activates you will need to pay a physical resource from hand or you’ll have to discard him. This creates 2 issues. The first being you need to discard an additional card from hand to use him effectively which increases his cost over time. Not to mention you may not have a physical resource in hand unless you build for it. The other downside is that on a lot of turns it will take 3 cards from your hand to put him on the table and use him. That is a high cost for what he brings to the table in my opinion.

Blade certainly has the upside of flexibility though. Blockers are a huge part of most decks in Marvel Champions and this one costs just 1 resource to put on the table. This is great because in a pinch you can dedicate the rest of your hand to thwarting, attacking, or clearing whatever other burdens have piled up for your heroes, and still put a blocker on the table for just one resource!

Lastly, I can’t forget to mention that he has the Avengers trait which is definitely one of the more useful traits in the game.

Overall cheap cards find there ways into lots and lots of decks, allies are a huge part of the game, and basic cards can be included in any deck. I think we will see lots of Blade in lots of decks. Thanks for taking the time to check out our preview and keep scheming champions!

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