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Scenario Tier List 1.0

by BananaCrapshoot

What’s up champions!? Hope everyone is well and enjoys their holiday season. It’s been a while and I thought we could do for a tier list. But instead of a hero tier list (2.0 coming soon) I wanted to get one out there for scenarios.

So there are a few factors going into how I’m ranking them. They are: Theme, Fun Factor, Difficulty, Design, Replayability, Solo, and Multiplayer experience. I’m taking all of these factors into account when doing this so I can have the most well rounded and objective tier list possible. I’ll post the list and then maybe spend a little with Some final thoughts.

S: Kang is the ultimate scenario we have currently. and mutagen formula is a great bar to set fkr the game for all around scenario design. I really want to highlight Kang here, The theme is on point for having him be a time traveler as we have the different versions we can fight from different points in time. The design is on point splitting up the heroes as they all go to a different point in time to fight their own version of kang, before coming back together to fight the Kang stage 3. The replay ability is high as each time you fight Kang you can end up with a different stage 2 adding for really exciting, and ever changing fights with Kang

A: These are both really solid hard hitting scenarios. well designed and a Blast to play. Highlighting Red Skull it really nails the theme of red skull as he’s the ultimate schemer so design Wise having the side scheme deck is on point, the replay ability is very high since the side scheme deck itself already adds a lair of uniqueness to each encounter. Solo and multiplayer it’s a tough fight and it feels really rewarding.

B: super solid scenarios that have some way to game them or the possibility for a negative player experience Zola is basically an anti ally scenario, it’s good to have that anti ally synergy but Zola makes them almost uniseabke with all the retaliate and guard going around. That said the theme and design is well done and it’s a fun experience overall but ally heavy players really pay the price there.

C: Going to highlight taskmaster here, it’s fun and his theme and design is on point, but the allies you get from the hydra prison are so powerful it makes the encounter almost trivial after you free one, it’s really easy to stall until you free one or two and then just unload. ant man and wasp really have a hard time here which adds an interesting layer but overall the replay ability is a step behind since the ally mechanic is so baked into the campaign.

D: wrecking crew and risky business are well designed and fun but easy to game and WC is a slog due to the health. Absorbing man is just too easy imo, i think there needed to be more environment stuff there.

Thats the list! Let me know what you agree or disagree with and why? How off base and out of touch am I? Let me know

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