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Red Skull Spoiler Preview

What’s up champions?! BananaCrapshoot here with another article. I’m here to talk about the Spoiler card from Rise of Red Skull that FFG so graciously gave us, along with my co-host Tommy of Titan. I imagine this will be short and sweet.


First off this art is awesome for this card and he looks super bad ass. The 3 cost 3 health split with the 1 Thw and 2 ATK are pretty standard. The ability is nice here, we know Piercing is a new keyword coming with the box release and that discards tough status cards before dealing damage.

It’s a great way to get around those pesky toughness minions like armored guard. Super solid ally that I’m sure will find a home in decks for sure. Overall I think he’s ok. He’s not bad but he isn’t super exciting either.

What do you think Tommy?

Tommy of Titan-

It’s definitely nice to see the good guys get in on the new keyword Piercing. That said, this guy is definitely not the new Maria Hill. He is great at what he does though, which is eliminate tough every turn without having to use additional resources. This is an ally that will be thrown into a deck whenever you anticipate the enemies having lots of tough like the guards from the Klaw encounter. He’s also an Avenger which opens him up to that tribal synergy. Oh, and Banana is right, this art is amazing!


Well that does it for our quick spoiler article. Thanks for stopping by and thanks again to the guys at FFG for hooking us up. Stay Scheming champions.

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