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New Warriors Series: Which With What?

by BananaCrapshoot

Hello champions. I hope you are all well. I’ve seen some questions frequently on discord, Facebook, etc from newer players asking Which hero is best with what aspect? So I thought I would take a quick stab at this with an article I’m Obviously calling Which with What? Where I will give what I think is the best aspect pairing for each aspect. I am taking into consideration the card pool from core set to Wasp release and considering solo and multiplayer games to try to find the right balance for each. So I’ll hit each hero and try to give some pros and cons of each aspect with that hero then give a “best” and we will see how this goes.

*I will update this as heroes come out and the card pool grows*

Black Panther

Black Panther has some great synergy with protection right off the bat for a few reasons, one is his built in retaliate and the other is his Vibranium Suit which can heal him and move damage. He’s very strong in Aggression also due to his suits being weapons and him having mean swing targets online right away. He also is really solid at deck thinning allowing crazy late game turns where you get off 3-4 wakanda forever in a round. He’s fine in justice but he doesn’t really wow me there so, meh. Leadership however I’ll say is his best aspect, his copies of Vibranium for those double resources allow him to pay for big swing allies like goliath and Giant man easier than most heroes. His solid hero kit makes him pretty self sufficient and you can build any type of leadership deck you want with him to great success.

Captain Marvel

Protection is probably her weakest aspect, there are some good energy synergies, you can definitely make it work but it’s not her strongest. Aggression is another one that can work but isn’t as good as other aspect pairings. Justice is really strong with her, due to the amount of cards with energy symbols you can really maximize her damage here. Once again however, her best aspect is Leadership, Captain marvel can cycle her deck and draw as good as anyone and this allows her to find the combo pieces you need, I think she’s the best Avengers Assemble style deck hero and the combo rapid-response heavy decks are also an archetype that really shines here.

Iron Man

As crazy as this sounds leadership is probably his worst aspect. Yea you can play allies to buy you time until you flip but ya honestly not great with iron man. Aggression can be strong if you build around supersonic punch, but it isn’t as strong as the other 2 aspects. Justice is really strong here, you sit in alter ego for a few turns so justice can help deal with threat until you have the suit built. It also has a solid amount of energy icons on cards to get big repulsor blasts off late game. The best aspect however is protection, energy barrier is a huge reason why, multiple additional tech upgrades gets you to the flip threshold faster to get iron man doing shenanigans sooner.


She-Hulk is probably the most improved hero since the core set. Additional hero packs have really allowed her to be played and it not feel like you are handicapped. Saying this she is really good in all the aspects, and this was the hardest hero to narrow this down. I’m gonna say leadership is her worst aspect, I know the deck can and does work but I think the other aspects augment her kit better.

Protection can really work with her 3 atk for counter punch and her high HP so she can block a lot. She shines in the desperate defense block/ready style decks. Aggression is really strong with her now, lots of cheap allies and events to deal damage, heal, and remove threat now, it really makes her kit better and she can be a damage dealing powerhouse at this stage. I will say I think justice is her best deck currently. She flips a lot and spends some time in AE, a few justice cards and some stealth strikes can really handle threat and still allow her to swing gif every few turns.


Rounding out the core set heroes is Spider-Man, he was my favorite hero out of the core as I thought his 15 hero cards were the overall best and did everything, plus webbed up is bonkers. Anyway I think his worst aspect is Aggression, he can deal some damage and obviously aggression wants to do that but I think aggression does the least for spider-man. Next is justice, he really struggles in solo to handle threat without allies so justice fixed that issue for him. Protection is next, 3 def and backflip make him a strong protection player, with access to tackle and webbed up you can really lock the villain out. I think his best aspect is Leadership, he has the best voltron ally in his hero kit with Black Cat, since she doesn’t take consequential damage on ATK, just make her an honorary avenger and load her up with upgrades and she’s a powerhouse all game with little chance of leaving the table. Plus his resource on AE and web shooters really make his economy really good to pay for allies.

Captain America

This is the first hero we got where it felt like he was equally strong all around and is super solid all around, nailing down his best aspect was tough but I tried anyway. I’m gonna say justice is his worst aspect, not because he can’t do it but because I get more excited about the possibilities for the other aspects.

Leadership next, his AE ability and super soldier serum are really good with leadership, and he is strong enough that he can carry if you get some bad draws and don’t see allies. Aggression is up next, he’s really strong here, he can trigger jarnbjorn on demand, can hit for a lot every turn with the ability to reset and hit twice. He’s really ridiculous in protection and I’ll say it’s his best aspect. With the +1 DEF retaliate on the shield, his ability to reset, and his built in stubs, he is the ultimate stun lock hero, with 3 heroic strikes, 3 tackles, mockingbird, and iron fist you can lock out the villain for a whole game and it’s a little ridiculous.

Ms Marvel

Leadership is her worst aspect, her Hook is the flipping and brining attack or thwart events back to hand, leadership doesn’t have many al it doesn’t really do much to augment her play style. Next is protection, she can definitely handle playing protection but her low health and 1/1/1 stat line don’t bode well for a well rounded protection deck. Justice is up next and this is where she starts to shine, she can handle all the threat with the ability to bounce these events back to hand and shrink them for more threat removal. But she shines brightest in aggression where she can embiggen stuff like melee, into the fray, relentless assault, etc. if an attack event is good she makes them great and is a powerhouse in aggression. It’s by far her best aspect.


Thor has been my favorite hero since he came out and I’ve played him a lot in all of the aspects so I’m even more confident in his best aspect. Starting off his worst aspect is leadership, like all the heroes he can make it work but he is really clunky with leadership and it doesn’t mesh well. Next is justice, justice can sure up the general notion that he can’t handle threat and allow for some earth resources for some strong lightning strikes. Protection is very strong, there’s good energy resources, he has very high HP, and is really solid in the desperate defense reset builds so he can block and ready and still swing big late game. His best aspect though is aggression, he is a damage dealing powerhouse, his high atk, his 5 damage events in hand, and where aggression is now make him a god of thunder on the tabletop. With stuff like moment of Triumph and into the fray he can still in hero form and handle all the threat, he’s very strong and in a really good place.

Black Widow

She is very strong all around but we gotta get to a best aspect so here goes. I’ll say aggression is her worst aspect, next I’ll say is protection, protection she can do some silly block/ready things with her synth suit. Leadership next and this can get nutty because she can rapid response every turns basically if she wants with the safe house. Her strongest or best aspect though, is justice, it has the most built in synergy with Preps and with the spy theme. She gets the most out of justice than the other aspects and that’s why it’s her best.

Doctor Strange

This is another hero and the first since captain America where it really felt like the aspect didn’t matter because everything on the hero side is so strong. Aggression, protection, justice I’ll say are all tier 2 for him and his hands down, best aspect is Leadership, he can easily go 6 wide ally swarm and get strong strength in numbers plays to cycle the invocation deck as much as possible and it can get pretty absurd how strong he is with leadership.


This was probably the hardest one for me to do as he is probably the most underwhelming hero released so far. Leadership I’ll say is his worst aspect, yea I can cover him but his limited hand size really hampers his ability to play allies. Next I’ll say protection, while he has high HP and should be a good blocker/protector his hand discard at end of phase really can blow this down the toilet, you can’t reliably craft your hand to get the desperate defense/counter punch type of cards. Next I’ll say justice, it has some cheap events to remove threat that can make him more viable in solo. His best aspect has to be aggression though, he can smash and deal damage better than some other heroes. He’s not overly impressive in any one aspect but i did what I could here.


Gonna start with protection as his worst, his low hp makes it really hard to do anything other than heal. Next is justice, he can surely get it done and it helps him in solo play , but it’s not overly strong. Next is aggression, he’s the ultimate glass cannon here, he can fire those rope rockets to deal lots of damage, his bow can become a weapon of mass destruction with mean setting too. But his best aspect is leadership, having access to lots of cheap Allies really allows him to stay in hero longer than any other aspect to keep firing rope rockets with ease from the back while he sends his allies in to die for him.


I’m gonna cop out here and I’m just going to highlight here 2 best aspect combinations.

The first one is Leadership/Protection, this deck is very strong and survivable, it’s also a popular choice to focus on keeping the captain marvel ally alive the whole game and getting a card every turn, essentially turning the ally into Avengers Mansion with Uses counters. The strongest combo in my humble opinion is Leadership/Aggression, you can pull all the big hitting avengers allies from aggression like Sentry, She-Hulk, etc. and buff them up with the leadership cards to have this massive swarm of crazy hitting allies in play.


He is the next hero to come out where it feels like he’s strong regardless of aspect. I will start with leadership, he can get some good draw and has some good healing so you can just play allies and hit things and have good success. Next is protection, he has average health but has 3 def in Giant form with built in healing so he can really do some work here. Next is justice, he can handle threat well and still deal damage, justice Ant-Man is very strong and I remember seeing 3 or 4 good builds on the dB. His best aspect though, is aggression, you can really leverage Giant strength with some EMH plays to hit for 6+ multiple times a round, he can deal damage with the best of them and that’s why aggression is his best aspect.


Wasp is super new to me and the community, I haven’t gotten enough games to give any time of critical analysis, though from my 5-6 games so far I’ll do a quick ranking protection, leadership, aggression, justice. That’s the order I think they sit right now from worst to best.

So that’s my quick rundown of how I feel each hero is within each aspect and which aspect is best with each hero. Like I said earlier I will try to keep this updated as the card pool grows. This was a fun exercise and I hope it’s helpful to someone out there. Thanks for checking it out, and stay scheming champions!

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