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New Warriors Series: Buyer’s Guide

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

by. BananaCrapshoot

updated 11/10/2021

Hello Champions! This is a buyers guide, we will update it after each release. The purpose of this is for new players or players with a tighter budget to see what value a pack offers so they can decide what packs they purchase for themselves. Now I will say upfront, scenarios offer better value than heroes. And for heroes generally if you aren’t buying all of them, buy the heroes you are interested in. There’s no one pack that is so insane it outclasses the others buy a huge margin.

Now how I’m ranking these or breaking them down isn’t so much the hero and hero cards but the aspect and additional cards the packs offer to widen the card pool. I looked at each card in the pack for the aspect and each off aspect card and looked at how many “good” cards are in each pack. I’m also going to list prices for each product based on US MSRP. I hope this is useful for some people.

I’m also going to give a quick idea how the hero deck functions then list the cards in the pack worth purchasing for for the aspect and off aspect cards.

-Core set - $69.95

Released Nov 2019

This has to be the first purchase. Not only is it 5 heroes and 3 scenarios but it comes with 2 additional modular sets in addition to the game commended scenario ones. As well as the standard and expert sets, which are needed in every scenario we have except wrecking crew. This also comes with the core aspect cards needed for deckbuilding. This is also the only product to come with a printed rule book, learn to play guide, and the token set for the game. Anyone looking to get into the game needs to start here. Every additional product requires the core set to play as the standard and expert sets have not been reprinted.

Out of the core set Leadership is the strongest aspect and Protection is the weakest so the hero pack rankings are somewhat affected by this fact.

The heroes in the box are Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, She-Hulk, and Spider-Man.

The villains in the box are Rhino, Klaw, and Ultron.

The modular sets in the box are Bomb Scare, Masters of Evil, Under Attack, Legions of Hydra, and Doomsday Chair, as well as the standard and expert modular sets.

-Rise of Red Skull Campaign Box - $44.95

Released Sep 2020

Next up is the first campaign expansion. The Rise of Red Skull comes with 5 new villains and 2 new heroes! The heroes come with pre made decks to play as soon as you open the box. The five new villains and additional modular sets basically doubled the amount of villain scenarios we had to play and great increased replay ability of every pack releases to this point. It also comes with comic panels to drive the story of the campaign.

The heroes in the box are Hawkeye with a Leadership Deck and Spider-Woman with a Justice/Aggression deck.

The villains included are Crossbones, Absorbing Man, Taskmaster, Zola, and Red Skull.

The modular sets in the box are, Experimental Weapons, Weapon Master, Hydra Assault, and. Hydra Patrol.

-Mad Titan’s Shadow - $44.95

Released September 2021

The third box released brings us the Mad Titan along with the Black Order. 5 scenarios and the Infinity deck really add a lot of variety and depth to the card pool.

The heroes out of the box are Spectrum with a leadership prebuilt deck and Adam Warlock with a very unique deckbuild.

The campaign system takes another step in the right direction.

im not gonna spoil all the scenarios here because if you don’t know there’s some good surprises inside.

-Galaxy’s Most Wanted - $44.95

Released April 2021

The Galaxy’s Most Wanted campaign box once again brings great value. 5 different villain scenarios that really force the players to approach the scenarios differently fill this box. It is worth noting the difficulty took a couple notches up in difficulty.

Also headlining this box are Rocket (aggression) and Groot (protection) decks. the decks all have good cards and rocket really shines throughout the box.

FFG really flushed out the campaign system they built in Rise of Red Skull. Overall this box is a great value.

the scenarios included are: Drang, Infiltrate the Museum, Escape the Museum, Nebula, Ronin

modular sets included are: band of Badoon, galactic artifacts, kree militants, menagerie medley, space pirates, power stone, ship command, Badoon headhunter

-Green Goblin Scenario Pack - $22.95

Released December 2019

The first scenario pack releases for marvel champions was Green Goblin. This pack contains 2 separate fully playable scenarios. Risky Business and Mutagen Formula. In addition there’s also 3 modular sets to add to your collection.

Risky Business is an interesting scenario and if played as intended is fun and engaging. However this scenario is easy to cheese and allows you, not a tough time to defeat. It’s one of the weaker scenarios overall.

Mutagen Formula however is an excellent scenarios and still one of the best. It is a harder scenario as you can be overwhelmed by minions easily. A top tier scenario.

The modular sets included are Goblin Gimmicks, A Mess of Things, Running Interference and Power Drain.

This is a great value for $20, 2 scenarios and 3 modular sets!

-Kang scenario Pack - $22.95

Released Oct 2020

Next we have the Kang scenario pack. The Master of Time comes to Marvel Champions. This is The Side Scheme’s favorite scenario in the game and the only reason Green Goblin tops in the rankings is the value of 2 scenarios vs 1 with kang.

Now the Kang scenario adds an awesome mechanic we haven’t seen before where it splits up the heroes as they each fight a version of Kang from throughout time before coming together to take on Kang the conqueror. This scenario is awesome, challenging, thematic and fun. It also comes with 3 modular sets.

The modular sets are the Anachronauts, Master of Time sets, as well as the T-Rex leading Temporal modular set.

-Venom - $16.99

Released July 2021

Aspect Justice

Agent Venom flashes on the scene and man does this pack a lot of punch. He has an awesome hero ability, strong hero kit, and solid cards to add to your collection.

justice cards added: Jack flag, scare tactic, making an entrance, sonic rifle,

off aspect cards added: Star Lord (basic), crew quarters (basic), plasma pistol(basic), side holster (basic) shake it off (protection), (welcome aboard (leadership), fusillade (aggression).

-Quicksilver - $16.99

Released Feb 2021

Deck Aspect: Protection

Quicksilver brings a ton of consistency and versatility with his ability to ready multiple times. He plays well in every aspect and I’d a blast to play.

Protection cards included: Warlock, Multipke Man, never back down, side step, nerves of steel.

off aspect cards included: Adrenaline Rush (basic), civic duty(basic), brute force (aggression), sense of justice ( justice), united we stand (leadership), beat em up (basic)

-Scarlet Witch - $16.99

Reased March 2021

Deck Aspetc: Justice

Scarlet Witch brings a very strong and cool play style, she manipulates the encounter deck, discarding cards from it to emulate her chaos magic. Shes very strong and comes with a bunch of good cards.

justice cards included: Wiccan, Speed, Turn the Tide, crisis averted, multitasking, swift retribution,

off aspect cards: Spiritual Meditation(basic), order and chaos(basic), last stand (leadership), browbeat(aggression), bait and switch(protection)

-Wasp - $16.99

Released - Jan 2021

Deck Aspect: Aggression

The wasp pack is really solid. The hero herself has a higher skill cap to play efficiently than doctor strange or captain America, but she is very good and lots of fun.

Aggression cards included: Wasp, Thor, Into the Fray, surprise attack, boot camp, lie in wait.

off aspect cards included: Ironheart (basic), Spider-Man (basic), the power in all of us (basic), quincarrier(basic), running interference (justice), perserverence(protection), all for one (leadership), athletic conditioning (basic),

-Black Widow - $16.99

Released April 2020

Deck aspect: justice

Black Widow is an interesting hero that introduced Preparation cards. Those are a card type you play in the player phase and they stay on the table until a thing happens that triggers them. Very fun and solid hero to play.

Justice cards included are: Quake, Agent Coulson, Stealth Strike, Spycraft, Counterintelligence

Off aspect cards included are: Espionage (basic), Rapid Response (leadership), Counter Attack (aggression)

-Gamora $16.99

Released May 2021

Deck aspect: aggression

Gamora is a super cool and fun hero to play. She’s really solid and has a deckbuilding rule where she can include up to 6 attack/thwart events from aspects other than her chosen one. This adds a lot of flexibility and versatility to her.

Aggression cards included : Angela, Clobber, Godslayer, Plan of attack, uppercut, combat training

off aspect cards: impede(justice), first hit(protection), drax(basic), hit and run(basic), pivotal moment (justice), comms implant(leadership), true grit (protection)

-Ant-Man $16.99

Released Nov 2020

Deck aspect: Leadership

Ant-Man is all around a great pack. He’s a blast to play and the form change and responses and versatility are great.

Leadership cards are: Ronin, Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Stinger, call for aid, Moxie, power gloves, reinforced suit

off aspect cards: Lay Down the Law(justice), Muster Courage(protection), moment of triumph(aggression), team building exercise (basic)

-Star-Lord $16.99

Released May 2021

Deck aspect: Leadership

Star-Lord beings to the table a very high risk/high reward playstyle. He’s stronger based on the amount of encounter cards facedown In front of him. He’s a fairly high skill cap hero. he has a lot of fun and solid cards and combos at his disposal.

leadership cards included are: Adam Warlock, Yondu, Beta Ray Bill, Air Supremacy, Blaze of Glory, laser blaster, target practice, get ready

off aspect cards included are: cosmo(basic), CITT(basic), Knowhere(basic), pulse grenade(basic), dive bomb(aggression), agile flight (justice), ever vigilant(protection)

-Ms Marvel - $16.99

Released December 2019

Deck aspect: Protection

Our next hero we recommend purchasing is Ms Marvel, she adds some solid protection cards as well as some really good basic cards. The hero herself is probably the most fun/interesting to play as she’s the most unique.

The protection cards included are Preemptive Strike, Tackle, Nova, Energy Barrier, Get Behind Me

The off aspect cards in the pack are Melee(aggression), Concussive Blow(Justice), Endurance(basic), down time (basic).

-Drax -$16.99

Rekeased June 221

Aspect: Protection

Drax is a very fun hero to play. His kit is very cheap and he can put out the hurt regardless of aspect.

The protection cards added are : Martyr, Moondragon , Deflection, hard knocks, leading blow, subdue

off aspect cards: regroup (leadership), bring it (aggression), think fast (justice) Gamora (basic)

-Hulk - $16.99

Released. August 2020

Deck aspect: aggression

Next up is Hulk, this hero is very straightforward gameplay wise. However he adds really solid aspect cards to make your card pool more deadly.

The aggression cards are: Drop Kick, Brawn, She-Hulk, Sentry, Toe to Toe, You’ll Pay for That.

The off aspect cards included are: Inspiring Presence(leadership), beat cop(justice), and Electrostatic Armor (protection).

-Thor - $16.99

Released March 2020

Deck aspect: aggression

If you are looking for a hero designed around minions then Thor is for you. His hero ability draws you cards when you engage minions. And he has cards in his kit that build on that.

Aggression Cards included are: Hall of Heroes, Mean Swing, Jarnbjorn, Battle Fury, Valkyrie, Hercules

Off Aspect cards included: Under Surveillance (Justice), Teamwork(leadership).

-Captain America - $16.99

Released December 2019

Deck aspect: leadership

Captain America introduced some good allies as well as his Alter-Ego ability reducing the cost of the first ally played each round. And his hero side allows him to ready himself. He’s one of the best all around heroes.

Leadership Cards included: Falcon, Squirrel Girl, Wonder Man, strength in numbers, avengers assemble

Off aspect cards included: Honorary Avenger(basic), Avengers Tower(basic), followed (Justice)

-Doctor Strange - $16.99

Released May 2020

Deck aspect : protection

The first recommended hero pack purchase is Doctor Strange. The reason is the 11 solid aspect cards he adds to the game. The hero itself is fun and powerful and comes with a 5 card invocation deck that you use in addition to your player deck.

The protection cards are: Momentum Shift, Clea, Brother Voodoo, Night Nurse, Unflappable, Iron Fist, SBD Desperate Defense.

The off aspect cards included are: Skilled Strike (aggression), Foiled (Justice), Iron Man(leadership), and Sorcerer Supreme(basic).

-Nebula - $16.99

Released September 2021

Deck Aspect: Justice

Nebula as a hero arrived shortly after the Mad Titans Shadow campaign launched. Her hero design mirrors the villain scenario from galaxy’s most wanted. Her prebuilt deck is ok, but none of the aspect cards are really that great.

Wrecking Crew - $22.95

Released February 2020

Wrecking Crew introduced the wild idea of the heroes fighting four villains at once. It’s a very unique and is well designed. It is easily gaged against as you can control too easily which villain is active. The reason it’s the least recommended is because it has the lowest replay value. You don’t use any modular sets or the standard/expert sets. This restricts the variety you get in the rest of the game with the ability to swap modular sets around.

-Special Consideration : Kree Fanatic

Released August 2020

Kree Fanatic is a free Print and Play modular set they released the last day of GenCon 2020. It’s not something you purchase so im adding this as a footnote because everyone should print this out and put in your collection.

It is my favorite modular set and can be brutal as it introduces Ronan as a legit mini boss gaining 9 health per player! This is a must have for every player!

Link for Kree Fanatic: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/af/e7/afe79820-8835-4503-b256-7208e425d769/ronan_modular_set.pdf


Best Value - Rise of Red Skull

Best Scenario pack- green goblin

best aggression pack- wasp

best justice pack- Scarlet Witch

best protection Pack- quicksilver

best leadership pack- Ant-Man

We will update it as releases come. Hope someone finds this useful. Thanks!

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