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High Fives: Signature Allies 2.0

by BananaCrapshoot

Hello champions, today I am back with another High Fives list. This time taking a look at, what are, in my opinion, the Signature allies that really crank it out for you during your games. Wherever they are strong, push your gameplan, speed up your wincon, or are super efficient, these are my High Five signature allies.

Winter Soldier

With black widow and how she leans into preps it’s not crazy to get him on the table for 1-2 resources. He’s not overly great, doesn’t wow you with abilities, but he’s got a solid stat/health ratio and is just very cost efficient in her kit.


The newest signature ally on my list, she comes in with a solid cost/stat/health ratio. What makes her so good is that response, dealing 2 or thwarting for 2 on top of everything else Ant-Man is doing.. It just pushes his gameplan and really accents it nicely. Since Ant-Man wants to trigger all those responses for flipping, having access to an ally that does that as well, is really great for her cost. And she gives access to swarm tactics, which is pretty good in of itself.


Shuri is probably the second most underrated ally in the game, behind lockjaw. She accelerates your wincon so much by fishing out an upgrade, and it can be any upgrade. Playing aggro? go get jarnbjorn, playing leadership? Go grab honorary avenger to play on herself so you can use Avengers tower, avengers assemble, etc. On top of all that, she has 3 health and only costs 2! She’s very efficient and a big reason why black Panther is so consistent.


So part of the reason Doctor Strange is so powerful is his ability to cycle his invocation deck super fast. He does this by readying/playing the invocations, and using Wong to get rid of that pesky Images invocation you hardly use. He helps make doctor Strange’s deck super consistent. Oh and if you like the top card on your invocation deck, he can heal Doctor Strange, crazy town.

Black cat

Black Cat doesn’t get lots of love, but she’s the OG voltron ally. As the card pool has grown and we have gotten access to more ally upgrades she’s even better. Not taking consequential damage is so baller, even LeBron would be impressed by her skills. Load her up with some upgrades and she never leaves the table! Making spider-man one of, if not the best Voltron Leadership deck.

And that’s it that’s the list. Be sure to let me know I’m wrong for not including the over rated avengers mansion with Uses (captain marvel). And please do it nicely. Thanks to hall of heroes for the images. And as always, stay scheming champions

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