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High Fives: Protection 2.0

by BananaCrapshoot

Hello and happy new year champions, hopefully 2021 is not just 2020 2.0 and I hope we can get back in shops to play together this year. For the article today I wanted to continue my revisit to High Fives looking at my favorite 5 cards in a thing. Today’s thing is Protection. Let’s get this thing going.

5. Muster Courage

This is a new card coming with Ant-Man but I’ve really liked it. It’s more useful in expert and can be used solo but is amazing in multiplayer. I was on the L8 Night Gaming stream a few weeks ago and played Captain America Protection and threw this in as a 1of and played it every time I saw it to great effect. Giving multiple characters a tough status card is very powerful, that’s why on expert you can get maxed out at giving the full 3 tough statuses.

4. Brother Voodoo

Voodoo arrived in the Doctor Strange pack and I immediately started throwing him in all my protection decks. He has the 2 thwart which is helpful in solo play but his response is super strong. Allowing you to fix your hand and find other cards in protection, like muster courage, desperate defense, etc. to protect your team is very strong and also just helps your card economy.

3. Desperate Defense

This is the best card, I think, to use that gives you +DEF when defending because it allows you to ready if you didn’t take damage. Most protection heroes will have 3 defense with armored vest, sometimes 4 defense, so having a card that allows you to ready after defending just keeps your options open. Allowing you to defend multiple times a villain phase in multiplayer or even in solo letting you stay ready for the player phase is very good.

2. Clea

Here’s another ally from the Doctor Strange pack. This ally is nothing short of great, she’s a cheap thwart plus she’s the ultimate chump blocker, the best part is after you chump block she goes right back to the deck instead of the discard so you can play and block with her multiple times a deck pass. It’s very strong and effective.

  1. Energy Barrier

I don’t foresee this card being dethroned anytime soon. For 2 resources we get to block 3 damage and deal 3 damage back. It’s very strong, very good, nothing new here, everybody knows how strong this card is and that’s why it’s the Highest of my High Five.

So that’s my Protection High Five, let me know what you think, what’s your High Five? Thanks to hall of heroes for the card scans, stay scheming champions.

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