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High Fives: Leadership 2.0

What’s up Champions? Hope everyone had a safe and healthy 2020 holiday season. I hope everyone’s 2021 is heroic. Today I wanted to revisit a series I haven’t kept up with in a bit, my High Fives, where I rank and discuss my High Five of something. Basically a generic top 5 list with a different name so I can try to be edgy.

Today I wanted to touch on Leadership and my favorite 5 cards in the Leadership aspect at this very moment.

5. Team Training

Team training is a great support for leadership players. That +1 health to get that extra use out of your allies is super beneficial, especially in swarm decks or MP games where you are using make the call to pull other player’s allies into play for you. Allowing you to abuse allies like Goliath, She-Hulk, Giant Man, etc.

4. Make the Call

A staple in lots of leadership decks since the core this call still leaves its mark on the “meta”. Useful to get allies back into your hand from a players discard pile, allowing you to set up power play combos. This is still a great card and it’s gonna be viable throughout the games life cycle.

3. Rapid Response

Card recursion and playing stuff from your discard pile is good, who knew? FFG did so they gave us the other version of manipulating your discard pile. While make the call can set up big plays, rapid response is a combo piece itself. Abusing enter play abilities on cards like Maria Hill, especially in MP, Nick Fury to draw 3 or thwart/deal damage in a pinch, and Goliath to keep him in play so you can close a game. Rules Note here the ally has to be defeated to be a target of rapid response so Fury’s self discard won’t trigger Rapid Response.

2. Goliath

I’ve tried not to just load this list with allies but the final two are just that. And coming at number 2. Goliath. This is the leadership ally leadership was looking for for a long time. This guy is a straight closer. Get him out late game use his action and get as many uses out of him as you can, rapid response him back and and do it again next turn. He’s very strong and very consistent and cheaper resource investment than vision over the course of a game.

1. Maria Hill

And my Highiest of Five leadership card is Maria Hill. She’s been out since core and is still insanely efficient. And that efficiency goes up in player counts. There’s almost not a more busted combo than every round Rapid Response Maria Hill in a 4 player game. Doing more things is better than doing less things each turn and she lets everyone at the table do more things.

Well that’s it for this high fives. Shoutout to Hall of Heroes since that’s where my card images are from. Let me know what you think of my list. Stay scheming champions!

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