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High Fives: Justice 2.0

by BananaCrapshoot

Hello Champions, another day another article no one requested! Today I continue the High Fives series, looking at what I think are in my opinion, the best /my favorite 5 justice cards currently available. Without further blabbering, let’s begin.

Clear the Area

Another newer card that’s very good. It only removed 2 threat, but that card draw! Anything you can do to accomplish more things in a turn the better. Doing 2 things is generally better than doing 1 thing. This card allows you to finish of a scheme, draw a card and most times do another thing on your turn. It’s cheap and replaces itself.

Law Down the Law

Now I don’t think this card will be in every justice deck, but in heroes that like to flip like She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, Wasp, Ant-Man, and even Black Widow, this card is bonkers good. It basically straight replaced For Justice in any justice decks with heroes that like to flip forms a lot. And it only costs 1.


I’ve been trying to limit allies on my lists as their overall value is greater than that of normal events or upgrades. Quake is the one I picked for this list because she’s cheap, effective, and has 2 atk. She fills a need most justice decks has and she’s basically an audit include for me in any justice deck.

Skilled Investigator

This card, man, with justice into side scheme heavy scenarios like red skull really takes off. Drawing a card every time you defeat a scheme is really good. And the crazy thing is you don’t even have to be the one to get it done. Multiplayer game, give these to your friends and everybody is drawing a card when a scheme is defeated.

Stealth strike

This is a card Justice needed for a long time. Their issue is dealing with minions effectively. This card solves that problem, and does it well. You get a lot of value for 3 cost, you can defeat a minion and deal with threat at the same time. In general justice can over thwart but running too many events, this card fills a big need by dealing damage and still dealing with threat. I think a lot of people over look this card and they shouldn’t. It brings a lot to the aspect and that’s why it’s my favorite card in justice.

That’s it for this edition of High Fives. I have fun with this series and I hope you all can tell. Thanks to Hall of Heroes for the great site I always swipe card images from. Let me know what your 5 favorite justice cards are! Tell me how wrong I am. Also want to do a quick shout out to our newest and third listener, all the way from Scotland. You are great and keep being you. Stay scheming champions.

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