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High Fives: Allies 2.0

by BananaCrapshoot

Hello champions, I’m back again for another High Fives list. This time I will tackle some allies and give my favorite 5 allies in the game period. This will be aspect and basic allies. Signature allies wiLet’s jump right in.


This is a new ally with the Wasp pack, and wow what value, for 2 cost you get award draw an ATK or Thw and block. Lots of value, she’s cheap and can go in any deck. The only caveat is that she need to be played from hand so rapid response and make the call don’t work to trigger her response.


The best closer ally we have available. There’s plenty of combo pieces and ready effects out there to keep him on the table round after round and deal massive damage at the same time.


Lockjaw MVP. I mean he’s always available to you. I know he’s polarizing but I love lockjaw. I’ll give everyone the sauce right here, the first time you draw lockjaw you discard him to use him as a resource. Why? Well when you play him from discard he costs 4 resources, if 1 resource is 1 card, you need to spend 4 cards to play him from discard. If you used him as a resource previously, he’s essentially -1 net resource since you used him for something else previously. On top of that you play him for 4 and Bam he’s available to you, every round. People get hung up on the 2 consequential damage but the trade off is far considering you could play him every round if you need to. Most underrated ally in the game.


Another new basic ally, this guy, man I’m happy we have Miles in the game, another ally that needs to be played from hand to trigger his response, but man is it strong. +2 to ATK or THW until the end of the phase. With stuff like get ready you can really milk that.

Maria Hill

What can I say, she’s just crazy value. Especially in multiplayer, rapid response into Maria hill for 4 players drawing a card plus 2 THW and a block. Value city. Best rapid response target in the game.

So that’s the list, what are your thoughts? Thanks once again to Hall of Heroes for the images. Stay scheming champions!

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