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High Fives: Nemesis Minions 1.0

By. BananaCrapshoot

Hello champions, another day another High Fives list, today I bring you what I think are the 5 nemesis minions that are the biggest pains to deal with. I’m looking at just the minion and not the whole nemesis set for this list.


Starting with the old man in a bird suit. The reason he is such a pain is that 3 ATK quick strike. I know KennedyHawk of marvel champions monthly podcast had a 4 player game where culture came out and in player order Quickstriked the whole team dead! He’s also 4 health so if you aren’t playing aggression you have to overkill him or waste multiple attacks on him.


Killmonger is a bad dude, this man can not take damage from black Panther upgrades, and once again if you aren’t playing aggression, you are gonna have a difficult time dealing damage to killmonger. 5 health is a decent amount, so you are most likely wasting big attacks on killmonger or hoping you have a big hitter attack from a teammate lined up.


Loki has 3 boost icons so I almost want him engaged with me. He’s not hard for Thor to deal with but most of the time this dude doesn’t die. He just keeps coming back. I had a game where I poured well over 100+ damage into Loki through hammer throws, relentless assault, and lightning strikes and he came back every time I defeated him. He’s just a pain in Thor’s side, so hey A+ for theme!

Baron Zemo

Another Quickstrike minion, but Zemo is even worse than Vulture. He has more health, 5, and locks Cap out from thwarting. I’ve had some rough games where like zemo and legions of hydra/Madame hydra come out the same turn. That almost locks you out because you can’t thwart the side schemes until zemo is down. And 5 health is no joke for a minion. Big pain in the butt here.


And the number one pain to deal with is the taskmaster himself! He’s almost scarier as a boost card to be honest. Black widow loves having a huge board state full of upgrades and Preps and this man here gets +1 ATK/Scheme for each minion, which isn’t terrible considering he has 4 health so if you got a widow’s bite off when he entered play you can probably take him out easily in your turn. Where he’s really scary is as a boost. Like with a full board state and he comes out as a boost with klaw or ultron stage 3s and you are taking 193736292 to the face, I hope you have an ally that can take that hit because you will be in rough shape otherwise.

So that’s my High Five nemesis minions, which minions did I forget? Tell me why I’m wrong! Shoutout to hall of heroes for the card images. Stay Scheming Champions!

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