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Hero Tier List 2.5

By. BananaCrapshoot

Hello champions, it’s that time once again, for a pointless, meaningless, Hero tier list! Now this is my opinion how I see these heroes in the most objective way possible.

I use multiple factors and areas to rank them they are:

Theme: does this character feel like the character? Is the theme designed well in this character

Fun factor: Do I enjoy playing this hero? Am I having fun? How much does this hero feel like “work”?

Solo/MP viability: how this hero performs in solo and multiplayer scenarios

Aspects: does this character work with all the aspects? Where are they lacking or excelling?

Power Level: how strong is this hero

Now using these factors in the most objective lens possible I will put these heroes into tiers, then I’ll talk about a hero or two in each tier a little bit.

S: Quicksilver - this hero is probably my favorite to play right now. He can excel in any aspect, is super fun to play, is very strong, his hero cards are all solid. The theme is spot on. And the possibility of OTKing the villain consistently can’t but understated. Doctor strange won’t be moving from S anytime soon.

A+ - Ant-Man and captain America remain here from the last list but we have a new addition. Scarlet Witch, she’s pretty crazy and can possibly pop up a tier at some point, she’s very strong, they nailed the theme like usual. She can play well in all scenarios/aspects/player counts, she’s very solid and a blast to play. And yes she’s supposed to have two obligation cards.

A - we got some mainstays here captain marvel and black widow. Spider-woman climbs back up but I want to highlight Ms Marvel, the new releases and events in the aspect cards have really made her even stronger, she has lots of targets to bounce back to hand and embiggen/shrink. She’s a blast to play, probably the most unique design wise. And she’s up in the tier list.

B+ - with new heroes I can’t have everyone at A tier right? Well iron man drops a spot this time, he’s still very strong but he’s missing some key pieces outside protection so due to that I gave him down a tier. But She-Hulk jumps 2 tiers into B+! Well recent release have really smoothed out the rough spots and have turned her into a consistent fun powerhouse. Now she’d be higher if she didn’t have a few “bad” cards in her hero kit. But she’s overall in a great spot right now.

B- Hawkeye and spider-man here. Why Hawkeye is so low is because for me, he’s a glass cannon and can be fun for sure, and has good potential but I think other heroes have higher ceilings and more consistency. And spider man, while he’s good and solid and fun he’s just not doing it for me right now.

C+ - n/a

C - n/a

C- - hulk bottom tier again, we all know why at this point. Really the only miss so far and he can even be fun and strong. But he has way too many drawbacks. And hey I beat the campaign in 13 total turns with hulk so I’m not saying you can’t win.

That’s it for this tier list, thanks for stopping by, look our next one half way through the guardians wave!

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