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Hero Tier List 2.0

by BananaCrapshoot

Hello Champions, hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday season. Tommy of Titan had done the 1.0 and 1.5 iterations of our tier list but this time I’m gonna take a crack at putting together our 2.0 version. You can expect 2.5 to drop right before Galaxy’s most wanted.

So how I’m ranking the heroes is based on a few factors, Theme, does it playing the hero make me feel like the hero. Design, what is this characters hook or gimmick and how does it flow with the identity and the hero kit . Fun factor, is this character fun To play, am I enjoying this experience. Solo/MP, how does this hero play solo and MP. and lastly power level, is this hero strong, can this hero perform against all scenarios or focus on certain types of enounters.

S tier: Doctor Strange is in a league all his own. So for Theme, with the invocation deck this hero really feels like doctor strange and you feel like the sorcerer supreme when playing this deck. Design wise the invocation deck is a great hook that separates him from the rest of the heroes and it makes perfect sense for this hero, this is extended into his hero kit with magic blast, his upgrades, master of the mystic arts, etc.. Honestly fun factor is where this hero suffers for me, he’s so insanely powerful due to his invocation deck and the draw potential, you could play with 40 blank cards and do serious work. He’s very good in solo and multiplayer in any aspect and he can handle every scenario very well.

A+ tier: Two heroes sit here Captain America and Ant-Man and I want to highlight Ant-Man quickly. Thematically flipping with the cards feels awesome, going from tiny to giant feels like ant-man should. Design wise his kit is really strong and the synergy between his cards is really solid. He’s a blast to play and can handle solo or MP well. he can handle every scenario right there. He’s a step behind Doctor Strange because he doesn’t have the invocation deck but he’s right there power wise. My favorite hero to play right now.

A tier: Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Thor. I want to touch on Black Widow. She has a very cool thematic design and it works, leaning into the preparations to do more damage and draw cards feels great. When playing her setting your traps and using your tricks Really captures the flavor of being a shield super spy. She plays well in any aspect and with the 2/2/2 stat line she’s able to handle all the scenarios. She’s fun to play and is good both Solo and Mp. Her games tend to gl a little longer since she does the whole death by a thousand cuts style of damage but she’s really solid controlling the board.

B+ Tier: Ms Marvel, hawkeye, black panther, spider-man. These heroes all nail theme and really capture the feel and essence of their comic book inspirations. But they all have something they struggle with. For Ms Marvel and spider-man it’s minion swarms. Hawkeye can struggle handling threat and is a glass cannon so he can get overwhelmed by hard hitting villains. Black panther is really solid all around but he is very dependent on Wakanda Forever To maximize his output. Overall these heroes are all fun to play, Ms Marvel probably the most fun. they all play well in MP and solo but scenarios may cause some issues for our heroes like spider-man vs ultron or mutagen solo he can get overwhelmed by minions or struggle to handle threat on schemes. Overall all these heroes are good and fun to play but just not as overall “good” as those ranked ahead of them.

B tier- Spider-Woman sits all Alone on her b tier throne. While she is good and fun and she allows for crazy deckbuilding possibilities, her deck building requirement is more of a hinderance than most people realize. Having to have the same number of aspect cards from both used really limits your deckbuilding capabilities. Theme wise she’s on point the dual aspect double agent thing is great, her hero kit overall is strong she can play MP and solo well and can play into every scenario. The holdback is deckbuilding with her. It’s a tough nut to crack and limits her overall compared to other heroes.

C tier: should this just be the hulk tier? She Hulk has potential to move up the board as the card pool grows but I think hulk will be home on the bottom for a bit. Theme wise yea hulk smashes but the lack of nuance for his AE is a miss imo. She hulk is a more solid hero and her design works well she just is limited by a bad card(legal practice) and some weird restrictions on cards. Hulk mainly struggles from his hand size, you can do one thibg maybe a turn And that really limits his usefulness to the group. Hulk struggles solo but has potential to be a MP monster if everyone else feeds him cards and resources. She hulk can play effectively in Mp and solo. They can both be quite a bit of fun to play. And hulk really can’t handle threat or side scheme heavy decks.

Overall the gap between the heroes in the A-B tiers is very small and I can see those heroes all moving around those tiers in the future as the card pool grows and more things open up to us.

If you want to compare another tier list here is Tommy of Titans’ updated list:

S: Strange

A+: Cap, Antman

A: IM, Captain Marvel, Spider Woman

B+: BP, Widow, Hawkeye

B: Spider-man, Thor, Ms Marvel

C: She-hulk, Hulk

So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments or on discord/Facebook. have fun and stay scheming champions.

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