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BananaBuilds: Quicksilver Aggression

By. BananaCrapshoot

Hello Champions, hope all is well out in the multiverse. I’m back again for another BananaBuilds decklist spotlight, and I’m sorry to say but it is Aggression focused yet again, sorry sorry, but Aggression is my favorite aspect so I happen to end up doing these deckbuilds off decks I actually enjoy playing.

So a little about Quicksilver, this dude is straight gas and pairs awesome with aggression. There’s a few key lines of play in here and some pretty insane card interactions we can take advantage of. First off his hero ability, allowing us to attack twice a turn is very appealing for aggression. With Reinforced Sinew and combat training he can hit as hard as Captain America without having to discard a card to ready. We can further increase our basic attack with Maximim Velocity, adrenaline rush, and if we really wanted to, brute force.

Probably the best card in the Quicksilver kit is Friction Resistance, this is a great resource card that readies after Quicksilver does, one of the silly things we can do in Aggression is Attack with QS, use friction resistance to pay for the Jarnbjorn ability, reset QS, reset friction resistance, and do it again. This really allows QS to deal with lots of minions at a time since he can attack one player, jarnbjorn another, reset do it again. It just adds to his crazy high ceiling and the ultimate inevitability that is QS victory.

Let’s take a look at the decklist now and I’ll comment some more after:


1x Accelerated Reflex (Quicksilver)

1x Friction Resistance (Quicksilver)

1x Hyper Perception (Quicksilver)

1x Reinforced Sinew (Quicksilver)

3x Adrenaline Rush (Quicksilver)

1x Combat Training (Core Set)

2x Tenacity (Core Set)

1x Jarnbjorn (Thor)


4x Always Be Running (Quicksilver)

2x Double Time (Quicksilver)

2x Maximum Velocity (Quicksilver)

1x Speed Cyclone (Quicksilver)

3x Earth's Mightiest Heroes (The Rise of Red Skull)

2x Skilled Strike (Doctor Strange)

2x Moment of Triumph (Ant-Man)


1x Serval Industries (Quicksilver)

1x Helicarrier (Core Set)

1x Hall of Heroes (Thor)

1x Quincarrier (Black Widow)


1x The Power of Aggression (Core Set)

1x Energy (Core Set)

1x Genius (Core Set)

1x Strength (Core Set)


1x Wasp (Wasp)

1x Scarlet Witch (Quicksilver)

1x Hulk (Core Set)

1x Tigra (Core Set)

1x Spider-Girl (The Rise of Red Skull)


I already explained jarnbjorn, but essentially it’s permanent +2 dmg every time you attack. Combat training with reinforced sinew allows us to get to a base or 3 atk. Adrenaline rush is a great card to thin the deck and set up for big turns, getting is to 6 atk. Tenacity I was really torn on here, I like it in combo otk decks, this isn’t that deck, but ultimately it thins our deck so we can cycle our readies as much as possible and is fun to play. Also it is ok and not bad in QS like it is in most decks.


I only added skilled strikes, moment of triumph and EMH here, keeping our events count as low as I can while also upping the available ready effects in the deck and further increasing our ATK values. I went with skilled Strike over mean swing because skilled strike is always online where mean swing is dependent on jarnbjorn to be in play, once we get additional weapons in aggression I can see swapping skilled strikes for mean swing. Moment of Triumph is great for us to keep our health up, even healing for 2-3 , 2-3 times a game is worth it.


I went with the cheaper ramp cards here instead of Avengers mansion. Not really more to say here.


One power of might seem odd but all the aggression cards I could use it on stick to the table, but I like having the available wild for jarnbjorn or to remove villain attachments.


Nothing too crazy here, wasp, hulk and spider girl are all great EMH targets, hulk is a good meat shield. Tigra has a strong minion game.

What I look for in my opening hand is permanents, anything I can play that sticks to the table I want to see early, I want to thin my deck so I can start swinging hard and often and to cycle those ready effects as much as possible. I’m fine getting to a 5-6 ATk and hitting 3-4 times and doing that 2-3 times a deck pass. There’s lots of good cards here and once jarnbjorn hits the table it really pushes quicksilver over the top. He’s my favorite hero right now.

Some possible cards that I could add, Endurance having low HP is risky but with the free defense every round I think I can mitigate the low HP, but if I find survivability an issue I’ll work endurance into the deck. Enhanced resources are possible included since they thin the deck and can use the resources for cheap cards to help compliment friction resistance.

That’s the deck, I might do a short podcast or YouTube video to be a companion to this article. I hope you guys enjoy the deck, and as always, stay scheming champions.

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