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BananaBuilds: Ant-Man Aggression

by BananaCrapshoot

What’s up champions?! I am back with another deckbuild article, and yes, it is, once again, Aggression. I mean, what can say?! Aggression is my favorite aspect so a lot of time I’m exploring these heroes within that aspect. I promise I’ll diversify by deck build aspects in the future.

For now though let’s talk about Ant-Man and our main focus of the deck. Like we said it’s aggression so we want to destroy all the things, how we want to do that in this deck is to abuse Giant Strength. There Is two copies of Giant Strength in Ant-Man’s hero kit. With combat training this allows us to have. Base ATK of 6 when flipping to giant form. Now the kicker here is this isn’t limited to once per phase or anything other than this buff lasts until your current turn is over. So with resize and swarm tactics what we can do is start our turn in tiny form, use our normal flip to giant, get our +2 from our Giant Strength to get to 6 ATK with combat training, then Resize down to tiny and either resize or swarm tactics back to giant to get another trigger of Giant Strength to get to 8 ATK.

That is a pretty big swing and don’t forget to trigger Army of Ants while you are tiny. Now that we have 8 ATK we want to swing as many times S possible so we are using Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and then we have swarm tactics to ready ourselves. Let’s take a look at the rest of the decklist:

For allies i went with cheap avengers, they re targets for team building exercise as well as earth mightiest heroes.

for the events we already talked about EMH, I wanted some more minion control so relentless assault goes in and some skilled strokes to make our basic attack even more menacing the turns we can go wild. I can also see the skilled strikes being swapped out for something else based on your preferences.

For supports threw in both the carriers and TBE this on top of the amount you can draw allows for a fairly resource efficient character. Hall of heroes is one you could slot here and I probably should but I wanted to never have to go to alter ego so that’s why I left it. But I can see putting it in to help create the monster turns.

For upgrades we have the basic combat training and jarnbjorn stuff happening. Martial prowess helps relentless assault and giant stomp. Endurance is always nice to give a little health buff and an enhanced physique, this is to help jarnbhorn and wrist gauntlet triggers.

So yea the deck is pretty standard, aggression EMH deck with the added layer of wanting to flip a few times to get to an 8 ATK. i will say if you have swarm tactics out of one of your cards to flip ready, it is probably worth it to attack once for 6 before going to tiny and then you can swarm up to get use out of its reset.

Well that’s it for this quick deckbuild, let me know what you think of the deck and I’d Ant-Man. Thanks and stay scheming champions!

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