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Avengers of the Galaxy?!

By. BananaCrapshoot

So Star-Lord was announced yesterday and we got a good look at some of his cards. Without seeing everything this Guardians wave has to offer, just looking at Star-Lord, I wonder to myself, is he the best Avengers Leadership deck we will have?

The basis of this is his Hero side ability giving all Allies you control the Guardian trait. Now this in combination with the Knowhere card that increases your ally limit, Triskelion, and Avengers Tower get us to a smooth 6 ally limit. Going 6 wide gives us lots of options and flexibility and really opens up some potentially broken lines of play that I want to take a very premature look at. The base of this build is Star Lord with only Avenger allies in the deck.

First up is Avengers Assemble, this 4 cost card readies all Avenger character we control. now it won’t ready Star-Lord unless someone throws honorary avenger on us. With a 6 wide board including allies like Giant Man, and Goliath we can play this AND give them +1 attack and ready them so they can swing again. Oh and we can play this for 1 using Star-Lord’s “What Could Go Wrong?" ability that allows us to reduce the cost of a card by 3, and all for the small price of dealing ourselves an encounter card.

The next card we can combo with Avengers Assemble is the new leadership card Blaze of Glory. Since Star-Lord makes all his allies Guardians we can further buff the stats on our allies, by giving Goliath, ant-man, etc.. +2/+2,

So you swing with 6 allies after playing blaze of glory, with them all at +2 ATK, then use WCGW to play Avengers Assemble for 1, ready all of them and give them +1. So they can all attack again at +3 ATK!

That’s not even the craziest part. Since blaze deals 1 damage to all Guardians characters at the end of the phase, And Star-Lord is the reason all our allies are Guardians, he can switch to alter ego at the end of his turn and all of a sudden none of the allies are Guardians, and neither is Star-Lord so none of them are taking the 1 damage. It’s a pretty crazy play that has some crazy damage output potential with the right board state.

Some other strong stuff, you can make the call in Stinger for a 7th ally, or have someone give Star-Lord honorary avenger so he can play her outright, to go 7 wide. 7 wide leadership potential!

I’m really excited for the Guardians wave, and Star-Lord and I look forward to seeing what other cool combos other people come up with. Some cards for these combos you need are: Avengers Tower, Triskelion, Knowhere, Avengers Assemble, Blaze of Glory, Big Swing Allies, and possibly make the call and stinger. Like using make the call of some aggression avenger allies seems really good to me! They generally have higher ATK values than the leadership allies so there’s some cool stuff we can do.

This is a combo I was talking about to some people in discord (looking at you dr00) and originally brought up to us from Remedy of Alter-Egos. Then I saw some other people catching on to the idea so I wanted to get this out there for everyone because I think it’s really strong and would love to see how much we can break this.

That’s it for this article, let me know your thoughts. Thanks to Hall of Heroes for some of the card images, and as always, Stay Scheming Champions.

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