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New Warriors Series: Things to Remember

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Hello Champions! BananaCrapshoot here with another New Warriors series article, a series aimed at new players. Today I wanted to go through a list of things to try and remember when playing. Initially theres a lot going on and a lot to keep track of, especially if you are new to card game’s in general. So here’s a list of things to remember when playing to have the best experience possible.

  1. Play out as much of your hand as possible.

This one is pretty straightforward. In marvel champions every card in our hand is a resource, you generally want to get to your power cards, or hero cards, as often as possible. The penalty for decking out is low, especially in rookie through expert, so don’t be afraid to cycle your deck often. The best way to do this is to try and not have any cards left in your hand at the end of the player phase.

2. Acceleration and Hazard Icons

These are easy to forget and confuse how they work. For acceleration tokens. During step 1 of the villain phase when they add threat to the main scheme you add the threat per player to the main scheme. And add an additional 1 threat for each acceleration icon in play. Now hazard icons add encounter cards dealt during step 3 of the villain phase, how these work is after You deal encounter cards to each player, you get an additional card dealt per hazard icon, dealt in Player order. So if there’s a 2 player game when we are dealing the encounter cards player 1 would get dealt an additional encounter card. Now if there’s 2 in play then player one and player two each get dealt an additional encounter card.

3. Minions attacks and schemes

During step 2 of the villain phase the villain activates against each player, each minion engaged with a player also activates during this step, after the villain activates. Don’t forget to have your minions do their thing. Another note here is minions put into play as boost effects Do attack/scheme this round yet.

4. Forced Triggers

We have a few abilities, Responses and Interrupts, as well as Actions and Resources. Some of these can only be used in certain forms, if a card reads Hero Action: that ability can only be triggered while you are in hero form. If a card has a Response trigger that means the ability fires off after the thing happens that triggered it. Now if it just reads Response that is optional and you can elect not to trigger that abikity. But if it reads Forced Response, you have to trigger it when the condition is met. Same thing goes for Interrupts. Interrupts trigger and resolve before the triggering condition finishes resolving. So interrupts are during the thing and responses are after the thing.

5. Have Fun.

You should be having fun! This is a casual co-op game meant to be enjoyed with friends and strangers on the internet. Don’t always worry about min/maxing and optimizing but try to have fun and enjoy the game. Some people enjoy the min/max which is completely valid, but try not to be an ass to or push out the casual fan on Facebook, discord or reddit. Help people out that have questions, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Hallofheroeslcg.com is a great resource to find communities in the game. I encourage you to get active and have fun with your fellow champions!

Well that’s does it for this one, hope somebody gets something out of this. Please check out our other articles, YouTube channel, and of course our Podcast. Thanks for stopping by. Stay Scheming Champions.

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